gr10 part 2

Onwards bound…. Sheltered occasionally by the slightly dense forest; It was actually quite a nice section of the trail..

we often found ourselves stopping to enjoy the scenery and say we liked this part of the trek. To describe It, it seemed to be interwoven through the woods, surfacing to reveal spectacular view points. Ever pushing us on and inviting us to hold off on the ‘break’ that we were desperate for. The struggle was real was prime heat and I think the hottest day of the trek we had drank an estimate of 4-5lt of water each, but as you can see we lost a lot too. But that said - the more we drank, the lighter the bags got. Imagine carrying that much water (amongst everything else) - bloody dry water sources ;)

Attractive right?! Boy did we sweat. It was blisteringly hot...god knows why we pushed on and didn't rest. ..but we were stubborn and wanted to catch up what felt like ‘lost time’. We know it wasn't a race...but when you give yourself a guidance of 10k a day...and you didn't quite make it, well you feel a little disappointed. So on we marched.

The feeling of gratitude when the sun hit clouds could not be described. The cool breeze (when it ever came) was heaven. Words cannot describe the feeling of achieving the col of El Moixer at 1443 m high.

Boy did we know it! The 360 views from the top - wow. Sunset & sunrise shots were certainly worth the push. The blistered that later came might have disagreed, but we had a great evening knowing we did it.


Arriving In the quaint little town of Arles - we stumbled on this abandoned old mine. We spent some time exploring this site. Not particularly sure what drew us to it the most...maybe the sadness of it not being used anymore, or the possible history that it held captured within its impressive structure. It certainly provided us with plenty of good photos and we enjoyed wandering aimlessly through it.

Once settled in the campsite ‘Camping Riuferrer’ and after a decent hot shower (and bou did we need it after a few days in that heat!) we explored a little further into the village. There wasn't really much to be seen, the usual bakery, casino shop and church - but it did have the world's smallest coffee serving cafe and not forgetting the best burnt pain au chocolad you can taste (to date!). It was a lovely stop off to stock up on goodies and enjoy a siesta by the river...
preparing us for what was to come next!


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Banyuls to le Perthus

GR10 (part2)

Sweat and Mountaintops.


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