Toulous...a city that didn't stop due to the entertainment that could be found on every corner...Literally speaking - after dusk there was more than just music for your ears up for grabs.

(picture taken in the self driving metro)

Scantily clad women were prowling the streets luring passing by vehicles. To say the least,three nights of the smokey city was enough. We did capture a beautiful sunset on the southern bridge (saint -pierre)

near our favourite vegan cafe (Invita) and also enjoyed a bit of brunch in the Parc Jardin de plantes.... oh and even nabbed ourselves free tickets to the museum.

Wasnt too bad after all, but we were glad to leave. After three very successful hitch hikes (ignoring the first long 3h wait to get out of the city) we arrived in Banyuls sur mer.

GR10 (part1)

Heading out on the gr10 trail crossing the Pyrenees from east to west,

Banyuls to le Perthus

GR10 (part2)

Sweat and Mountaintops.


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This city never sleeps.


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