GR10 (part1)

Heading out on the gr10 trail crossing the Pyrenees from east to west,

Banyuls to le Perthus

GR10 (part2)

Sweat and Mountaintops.


Read about the city trip in toulouse!

This city never sleeps.


The first boulder to be conquered is always the worst; they said. Our muscles definitely would agree there!! In almost disbelief, we regularly found ourselves letting out a heavy sigh of relief at reaching the top. Did we really just climb that?? What felt like one hell of a climb, ...

1st Ski-trip Ardennes

Skiing in the Ardennes. More accurately put : falling not so gracefully, thinking 'please god don't let me die now'. So the snow had hit the Ardennes in a big way and ultimately, Corneel and me decided to hit the road an make our mark. Ovifat, in the south of Belgium, ...